Individuals affected by the earthquake.

Individuals affected by the earthquake. In the context of the dedicated efforts made by the SAID team to deal with the aftermath of the earthquake, the SAID team is active in providing assistance to individuals affected by the earthquake in the Jinderes area of rural Aleppo. In order to meet the immediate needs of the […]

Multi-Sectoral Cash Assistance Project Activities

Home News cash As winter approaches, our team, supported by Saed and its generous donors, is actively implementing a cash assistance project for families in the Ali Garo area. This initiative, part of our winter campaign 2023-2024, aims to alleviate the hardships faced by vulnerable communities. Saed’s pivotal role ensures effective delivery of sponsorships, reflecting […]

Child Safe Spaces

In the ongoing initiative to create safe havens for children in shelters post-earthquake, Saed teams are diligently preparing these spaces to provide a secure and nurturing environment for children affected by the seismic event. Our dedicated teams are working tirelessly to ensure that these areas are not only safe but also designed to cater to […]

Winter Warmth Project

The Winter Warmth initiative has been initiated by Saed teams, aiming to provide essential support to displaced individuals in camps across Northwest Syria. In pursuit of this mission, our teams are actively distributing heating oil and non-food item (NFI) baskets to ensure the well-being and comfort of those affected by displacement. This comprehensive effort reflects […]

Assisting Families Affected by the Earthquake

In support of the initiative aimed at aiding families impacted by the earthquake, Saed teams are actively distributing readily consumable food baskets to individuals affected by the seismic event in the regions of Harim and Jandairis. This compassionate effort is part of our commitment to providing immediate relief and support to those facing the challenges […]

Hygiene Kits

In the earthquake relief project, Saed organization is distributing hygiene kits to earthquake-affected families in Jandaris camps. The initiative targets vulnerable communities, ensuring timely support for cleanliness and sanitation needs. Saed’s committed teams are working tirelessly to provide essential hygiene supplies, recognizing the urgency of maintaining standards post-earthquake. The organization collaborates with local partners to […]

Drinking Water

As part of the emergency response project to the earthquake, the Saed team is actively engaged in distributing drinking water to the affected individuals in the camps located in northwestern Syria. With a focus on alleviating the immediate impact of the disaster, the Saed organization is committed to ensuring access to clean and safe drinking […]

Mobile Clinic Saed’s mobile clinic promptly responds to earthquake aftermath, delivering vital healthcare to newly displaced individuals in camps. The organization demonstrates commitment and efficiency in addressing urgent medical needs, ensuring the well-being of affected populations. Saed’s mobile healthcare unit is a crucial component of their disaster response, playing a pivotal role in providing immediate and […]

Earthquake Affected Individuals

As part of Saed’s dedicated efforts in responding to the aftermath of the earthquake, the Saed team is actively engaged in providing relief to individuals affected by the seismic event in the Jandairis region of rural Aleppo. In an endeavor to meet the immediate needs of the affected population, the team is distributing essential non-food […]

Emergency Response Project

Dedicated to the urgent needs arising from the earthquake, Saed teams are actively engaged in the emergency response project. They are tirelessly distributing vital resources, including nourishing hot meals and essential emergency baskets, to those impacted by the earthquake in both the Jandairis region of Syria and the Hatay province in Turkey. The overarching goal […]