“Saed Ramadan Campaign”

🌙✨ “Community Iftar Banquet for Displaced Individuals – Northwest Syria” ✨🌙

At “Saaed” organization, we believe strongly in the power of solidarity and mutual support during the blessed month of Ramadan. In recognition of the tremendous efforts made by displaced individuals in the camps of Northwest Syria, we are organizing a community iftar banquet for them.

🍽️🕌 What sets our iftar banquet apart:

Unity of Hearts: Coming together as one community to offer support and solidarity to displaced individuals during this blessed month.

Social Cohesion: An opportunity to strengthen social bonds, foster unity, and enhance communication among community members.

Humanitarian Solidarity: Demonstrating solidarity and care for those in need, and providing them with moral support.

Join us in this charitable banquet and contribute to making the month of Ramadan special for those who need our support and assistance.

For more information or to contribute, please visit our website or contact us directly.

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