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Saed Charity Association is an independent, Syrian non-governmental and non-profitable humanitarian organization registered in Turkey officially under (31- 020 – 039) on July 23rd, 2014.

SCA aims to provide assistance to those in need and war victims all around the world; in addition, its endeavour at present is to alleviate the suffering of the Syrian people through the delivery of aid to all Syrians who are affected by the on-going crises in Syria and Turkey.

During the implementation of our activities in all the sectors , we are trying to maintain the integrity  accountability and service to our beneficiaries and adopting international principles of human work in the provision of assistance and evaluation of activities.

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Saed Charity

About us

Saed Charity Association, a Syrian non-profit founded in Turkey in 2014, aims to assist global war victims and those in need, with a particular focus on alleviating the suffering of Syrians affected by ongoing crises in Syria and Turkey. The organization prioritizes integrity, accountability, and adherence to international humanitarian principles in all its activities.

To be distinguished and a leader in the humanitarian field, by applying our high moral values(Integrity , Accountability and Service).

All those in need have an equal right to get the human assistance with preserving their dignity and rights Regardless of Race, Creed, Color, Situation, Circumstance or Environment” and gain the trust of our beneficiaries and partners in the human field.


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Our goals are the humanitarian response through distributing the cash and in-kind materials on crisis victims and disasters around the world, and contribution in developing communities by executing long term projects and building the capacities of community members, and also spreading out the culture of volunteerism and the cooperative work among societies , coordination and cooperation with local and global organizations which are active in the humanitarian work to guarantee the efficiency the high quality of the human work.

Saed Charity Association is working on implementing various projects in most of the human sectors accredited by United Nations and UN-Agencies to reach the highest number of beneficiaries affected by the crisis in Syria and Turkey.

Saed is responding to the needs of Education , Protection ,NFI & Shelter , Health , FSL , CCCM , Training and Orphans Sponsorship.

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