Child Safe Spaces

In the ongoing initiative to create safe havens for children in shelters post-earthquake, Saed teams are diligently preparing these spaces to provide a secure and nurturing environment for children affected by the seismic event. Our dedicated teams are working tirelessly to ensure that these areas are not only safe but also designed to cater to the emotional and recreational needs of the young ones impacted by the earthquake. Through meticulous planning and careful execution, we aim to transform these spaces into vibrant and uplifting environments where children can find solace, engage in activities, and foster a sense of normalcy amidst the challenges they are facing. The emphasis lies not only on physical safety but also on creating an atmosphere that promotes healing, resilience, and joy. Saed teams are committed to going above and beyond to make these child-safe spaces not just shelters, but beacons of hope and positivity during the post-earthquake recovery process. Together, we strive to provide a haven where children can rebuild their lives and rediscover the joys of childhood despite the adversities they have endured.

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