“Saed Ramadan Campaign”

🌙✨ “Iftar for the Fasting” Initiative – Northwest Syria ✨🌙

At “Saaed” organization, we believe in the power of solidarity and giving in the blessed month of Ramadan. Through our “Iftar for the Fasting” initiative, we aim to provide support and care to affected families in the camps of Northwest Syria.

🍽️🕌 What distinguishes our initiative:

Healthy Nutrition: We provide healthy and balanced Iftar meals for fasting individuals in needy areas.

Solidarity and Support: We work on providing necessary support to vulnerable and displaced families in times of need.

Social Impact: We contribute to alleviating the burden of fasting for affected families and providing them with a humane and dignified environment.

Join us in this noble initiative and contribute to bringing joy and hope to the hearts of fasting individuals in the holy month of Ramadan.

For donations and more information, visit our website or contact us via direct messages.

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