Winter Warmth Project

The Winter Warmth initiative has been initiated by Saed teams, aiming to provide essential support to displaced individuals in camps across Northwest Syria. In pursuit of this mission, our teams are actively distributing heating oil and non-food item (NFI) baskets to ensure the well-being and comfort of those affected by displacement. This comprehensive effort reflects […]

Earthquake Affected Individuals

As part of Saed’s dedicated efforts in responding to the aftermath of the earthquake, the Saed team is actively engaged in providing relief to individuals affected by the seismic event in the Jandairis region of rural Aleppo. In an endeavor to meet the immediate needs of the affected population, the team is distributing essential non-food […]

Project: Establishment of Four Organized Camps

During 2021, Saed Charity Organization provided shelter for newly displaced individuals by establishing four organized camps. This included preparing sites with basic infrastructure, which involved site planning and encompassed: Road excavation Rainwater drainage systems Sewage network throughout the camp Public health facilities (bathroom blocks) Internal lighting poles Concrete platforms for tents Installation of large family […]